About our founder

Mona Antwan is the Founder of Mindfulness Leader, NFP, a first-of-its-kind high school elective and after-school program in the City of Chicago dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of our youth through teaching them the art of Mindfulness. This project-based series equips youth with the power to ignite their light and become the best version of themselves.

Under Ms. Antwan’s senior leadership, Mindfulness Leader has seen a rapid expansion from its conception in 2017 to a highly sought after initiative with students racing to join the class and learn to lead from within. Her signature issues include reversing generational poverty, showcasing inspirational youth who beat the odds and promoting the importance of self-awareness. Ms. Antwan brings over 19 years of intensive training in mindfulness, 12 years of mentoring youth and 16 years of experience working in the private sector at Harpo Studios where she successfully created and implemented the company’s very first Mentorship Program.

Events & Articles

Mindfulness Leader is an active force in the community, across national and international platforms to bring our proven tools and techniques to as wide an audience as possible.

Please check out our past events and keep an eye out for all of our new and upcoming outreach programs!

Partnerships & Awards

Partnered up with the City of Chicago’s After School Matters. Running programs during the school day and after-school. (2017) 

Received the Excellence award in making a difference from the Cook County Treasurer Office Maria Pappas. (April 2018)

Partner of the City of Chicago Police Department, “A Force for Good” (Only 18 nonprofits making the most impact in the City of Chicago) (May 2018)

Recognized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the city of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events with the “2018 Chicago Arts Educators” Award. (June 2018)

Partnership with Vaugh Occupation High School working with the special needs youth, running daytime programming.(September 2018)

Partnership with Hope Academy for High School Elective Course. (September 2018)

Invited to the White House for recognition of the program. The White House staff want to see the Mindfulness Leader program in “every school across the nation”. (December 2018)

Partnership with Chicago Public Schools and is running daytime programming for students, parents, and teachers. Mindfulness Leader, NFP. is an approved CPS vendor. We are also a Strategic Source Vendor for the Social & Emotional Learning services at CPS which means that we were vetted for quality and alignment. (December 2018)

Partner of Chicago Teachers Union, Training CPS teachers. (January 2019)

Partnership with Niles Township High School District 219 and is running daytime programming for students. (May 2019)

Mona Antwan, 2020 Chicago Peace Fellow with the Goldin Institute. (February  2020)