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 We spend so much time worrying about raising healthy children from birth to adolescence, we feed them, administer shots and vaccines to nurture their bodies. We put our children in school to educate them, we enroll them in sports programs to keep them physically fit and active. We obsess over dental hygiene and test scores, yet we are forgetting to nurture and strengthen the most important part of us...The Mind." 


- Mindfulness Leader

Your support is deeply appreciated by the

Mindfulness Leader, NFP, youth, and community. Your donations allow us to provide innovative speakers, art project supplies and help offset administrative costs as well as offer this program to schools and institutions not funded for this groundbreaking work.


Please consider making a donation by check or click on the Paypal Donate button.  


Check can be made payable to:

Mindfulness Leader, NFP.

3320 W. Cuyler Ave.

Chicago.IL 60618

We currently have 2,324 children on the waiting list to take this course, and the list is growing daily. By the end of 2024, with the proper funding, we hope to reduce this number significantly through donations, fundraising, and of course, the award of your grant. Your generous funding will allow for program expansion. These crucial donations will help ML reach a larger geographical audience and will enable us to offer enhanced workshops through partnerships already established with other organizations in the city.

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