Our Mission
Enhancing, training, and aligning young minds to aid the development of
emotional intelligence.

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How Mindfulness Leader is creating a Safer Chicago for our Youth!

We are a first-of-its-kind educational program and high school elective in the City of Chicago to offer a 10 week, 92-hour curriculum in under-resourced schools and communities. We utilize an innovative, interactive and project-based course load teaching young leaders 23 core principles which provides them invaluable life skills.

These are the core values that govern our work as an organization. 

1.  We believe in the life-long potential of every student we work with.

2.  We believe there is power in embracing the diversity around us - to consider theories and ideas that may conflict with what we currently believe.

3.  We believe there is much innovation and potential in communities that are considered under-resourced and underprivileged.

4.  We believe community change starts with the individual.


We want to build the next generation of young leaders who are confident, responsible, and will shape the potential of the communities they are a part of.

Our program focuses on helping a young leader develop in the following six areas through interactive, personal, and innovative learning.

•  Self Awareness
•  Self Management
•  Social Awareness
•  Interpersonal Skills
•  Responsible Behavior
•  Decision-Making Skills

We do this in four primary ways:

1.  Customized classes and workshops in partnership with the local schools.


2.  Interactive and engaging content helping students understand the 23 core principles and how to build that into their everyday life.

3.  Technology-based platform helping to engage students in real-time connecting them to resources and people to help them through emotional decisions.

4.  Interactive Mindfulness Leader journal designed for students to engage in the 23 core principles.

Classes and workshops:  10-week, 92-hour curriculum, as well as a daytime high school elective, and a special needs high school elective variation of the course. Additional workshops are available for parents and teachers. 

Financial model: Funded through public and private partners, schools, government grants, and public donations. 

Commitment to the students:

Interactive and engaging content:  23 videos that can be used by schools and leaders to help students learn, process, and utilize the 23 core principles.  2-minute videos that are designed for teachers and leaders to use daily at the start of class, during breaks, or as an end to the day.  The 23 videos also provide daily activities and exercise to reinforce lessons and principles throughout the day.