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“I have a bigger vision for my life than I anticipated. I just never took the time to realize it but the vision board projects have helped me with that.” - Yuvi ML student


Bring Mindfulness Leader to your organization or school!


Cost effective options are available for all group sizes!

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We offer a plethora
of workshops including

  • Mindfulness & Meditation:
    Students get acquainted with the idea of being mindful. Including a heavy focus on mental and emotional stability, through meditation and other means of incorporating and practicing positive and beneficial thinking to promote healthy life skills fueled by creative problem-solving. 

  • The Emotional Scale:
    Learn what your emotions are telling you and how to use them to understand what your inner guidance is trying to tell you. 

  • Vision Boards & Manifestation:
    Now what you want so when it’s standing in front of you knows it is something you manifested.


  • Leading from Within & Intuition:
    Meet the best version of you as you partner up with your intuition to become a Mindfulness Leader!

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